Happy Pi Day!

Oh how I love being a nerd sometimes. :)

I’ve kind of been obsessed with the Pi, π, ever since I watched “The Net”. I decided I was going to become a cyber hacker and find all of the secret πs in the world and save us from espionage. Then I couldn’t get into any of the computer classes because everyone had the same idea I had so I switched majors… But that’s another story.

Then I found Hard & Phirm’s Pi song and my obsession returned!

I don’t think many people appreciate how awesome this song is when I show it to them. My family thinks I’m a crazy person every time I bust it out at a family gathering and most of my friends just shake their heads and walk slowly away.

I kind of love everything about this video.

I love Chris Hardwick, Hard & Phirm and the Nerdist many headed beast SO much and basically anything Chris does is comedy gold. The wonderful retro 80s feel of the kids show, the fact that the video makes NO sense whatsoever and the fact that they are singing about Pi makes me laugh out loud for realsies. Plus I have actually memorized Pi to roughly 31 numerals (on a good memory day) because of this ridiculous song – which is pretty cool and I feel gives me awesome nerd street cred.

Just try NOT to sing along! 3.141592653589793238462643383279….

Oh and if you are itching for MORE Pi fun check out Vi Hart’s Pi videos here! She kind of has a love/hate relationship with this specific mathematical constant. ;)

Please enjoy your Pi day!

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