The Beginning is Near

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I’m pretty excited about the end of the world and the resulting new world that waits behind it!

I’m not talking about fire and brimstone or the four housemen. And no, this time I’m not talking about zombies either*. (I know, it’s a shocker!)

I’m talking about the end of a world full of materialistic thinking.

I’m talking about the end of the “what do I get out of this” mentality.

I am ready for an end to hatred for no other reason than simply being uncomfortable.

I am ready for the end of self doubt, self hatred and bullying those that are different than us.

I am ready for the end of over indulgence and not taking the time to think about anyone but yourself.

I know that I am not perfect and I have moments of “poor me” and “why is life so unfair” but I like to think that I have given to others more than I have expected to get something from someone else.

I am ready to start seeing more open minded conversations about religion, politics, and science without the fear of being burned at the stake as a heretic (literally or figuratively).

I am ready to start new and enjoy the days of my life as they come without worrying about how they “could have been better” if I could have only taken the left path instead of the right.

I’ve already started to see some shifts in myself and in the world over the past year that gives me hope. Hope that we are getting ready for an amazing period in our lives where open-mindedness can be the norm instead of the minority!

Tomorrow is not only the end/beginning of the world, it’s also the Winter Solstice and the celebration of Yule, the longest night and the return of the Sun! Longer days and more sunshine are on their way again. Hooray for sunshine and openness and the beginning of a new world!

So happy end/beginning of the world and Blessed Yule to you all and I hope you enjoy and embrace this shift with me!

In case of emergency

Image by one of my favorite artists Aunia Kahn. Go buy her stuff now!


Are you ready for the end of the world as we know it?

What are you ready to see happen in this new world of ours?


*FYI, Zombies WOULD be pretty cool. I wouldn’t turn away a zombie apocalypse…


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