Our non-existent hairless cat


I love how a pleasant evening of cuddling with my kitty can turn into a ridiculous conversation with my husband.

Josh: The kitty loves you.

Me: I know and I love her.

Josh: Yea I know.

Me: If anything ever happened I would probably get another cat. Maybe a hairless cat so I could pet her without getting all furry handed.

Josh: Oo that would be so awesome! We could get it tattooed!

Me: … What?

Josh: Yea we could get it all tatted up and looking cool!

Me: Oh with a tribal face tattoo!

Josh: Yes!

Me: No. We are NOT tattooing our non-existent hairless cat!

Josh: *sad face*


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2 Responses

  1. LOL! I laugh, yet could totally see hubby and I having a similar conversation.

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