So we have been hitting the Operation Cheery Ho-Ho pretty hard this weekend. We finished decorating the inside of the house, we made paper snowflakes and our countdown to christmas trees, we’ve watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas 3 times and we finished painting some presents for the grandparents. We also put up lights outside…

As I stepped back and looked at my awesome light placement this year I realized something pretty spectacular, I had placed boobs on my home. Big, beautiful boobs with sparkly tinsel nipples.

During the day you don’t notice them at all. During the day you might think I was being festive and slightly sad with my lack of outdoor decorations:

Look mom! That house has a string of lights and some sparkly wreathes! Do you think the Grinch stole their Christmas?

But at night, the lights come on and it becomes boobtacular:

It’s pretty obvious. Even though they are pretty saggy boobs from the size of that cleavage…

So a normal person would say “Hmmm, I believe I have placed festive boobs on my home. I will remedy the situation immediately.”

Me and my husband are not normal people.

My husband told me to leave them up because they were awesome and hilarious. I also believe they are awesome and hilarious and secretly hope that my neighbors will come by to complain.

Here’s the deal though.

I don’t think anyone else sees what my husband and I see in the lights, so we may just be super perverted and weird.

I do think that I have a new idea for christmas cards this year though:


 Happy Boobmas everyone!

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