December Passion and Wrapping up November’s Writing Awesomeness


Whistler's Mommy-Blogger

Whistler’s Mommy-Blogger


So November was pretty awesome Passion-wise. I am LOVING writing this blog on a more regular basis! I didn’t write everyday like I wanted to but I think I discovered a good flow and a good schedule for my writing so that I don’t feel overwhelmed at all. I give myself permission to take a day off if I need to but for the most part I have really enjoyed updating you all on what’s been going on with me!

I obviously gravitated much more towards the blog post writing as opposed to the fiction writing because that was a boat that never left the dock… That doesn’t mean I won’t re-visit it later but I am really loving the blog and all of the amazing people I’ve met just this past month by blogging!

The community that I am discovering is SO awesome. Really funny and amazing bloggers that I never would have discovered any other way if I hadn’t actively started following and commenting on their blogs. I also have new blog readers that seem to be coming out of the woodwork! I think my favorite thing in the world is when someone I have never even met says that something I wrote is awesome. It hits me right in the feels and makes me know that I’m on the right track.

So will I continue writing? Ummm, duh… I have some plans for regular post series and I’m still looking to do some guest posting (look for my first recipe guest post next week!)

Will writing be my new career? Maybe. I feel like there is a big possibility with this one and I am going to continue to try and branch out and find out how I could make this a fun career to have for the long haul. The money portion of the writing is one area I’ll be checking out, which leads us to December’s Passion…


Financial Crisis / Finanzkrise

Monopoly is my least favorite game. Mostly because my mom ALWAYS wins…


So what’s the plan for December?

I feel like I want to give myself permission this month to work on ways to bring in some extra income because that has been a super sore spot for me as of late. I have been SO stressed out about having enough money lately as well as feeling like me taking a break from working is going to land us in the poor house now. BUT I don’t want money to become this big ugly compulsion to need more more MORE.

That’s where I feel like things fell apart with my business. I wasn’t at the 6 figure spot so I was obviously a failure even though I was still making enough money to do what I wanted. Maybe if I hadn’t been so focused on the money portion I would have enjoyed the process so much more.

So for this month let’s do some brainstorming out in the open so you can see the crazy process that goes through my head when I’m trying to figure stuff out:


Why do I feel like we need more money?

~ To pay off the part of our stupid debt that is on my side of the marital line (student loans, credit cards)

~ To pay for extra things that I feel we need (Netflix, Sparkle’s preschool, Christmas presents)

~ To feel secure that if something comes up we’ll be ready. (Not necessarily “Zombie Outbreak” ready because we already have a plan for that, but more like “we aren’t going to starve this month if we get a flat tire” ready.)


So this is a good start because it means I don’t necessarily need to make millions of dollars each month to feel like I’m contributing. It looks like if I could make around $500 a month I would feel pretty good. Getting to that amount though is going to be the tricky part…


How can I make extra money?

~ Surveys  (I’ve been doing the JDPower Panel for the past month and just got my first $25 payment!)

~ Virtual Assistant work

~ Affiliate links and sponsors for the blog

~ Writing articles for money

~ Writing an ebook

~ Part time job outside of the home (not realistic with my husband’s rotating shift from hell though…)

~ Selling crafty stuff on Etsy

~ Standing on the corner and shaking my ass


Ok so looking at this list I’ll probably continue to do the surveys to help with a little bit of money but for a bigger impact though I’m leaning towards doing some VA work, revisiting the Etsy idea and/or working on beefing up some more writing to get some money out of this blog that I love to work on already. (Of course it could all depends on how much people will pay to watch me shake my ass. *wink*)


How can I open myself back up to working for money without wanting to scratch out my eyes and get super overwhelmed again?

~ Create a super simple payment structure

~ Create a schedule that leaves me with plenty of extra time but still allows me to get work done as well

~ Create single serving services or products

~ Just do the work I like to do instead of the work I “should” do

~ Refuse to get overwhelmed and know when to take a step back


So that’s what I’ll focus on this month, exploring the options of bringing in some extra income to help me feel more comfortable financially. Not as much fun as “becoming an astronaut” but hopefully I’ll have a good time with it! The planner in me is already getting excited.

Like all my passions this could go up in flames this month or I could figure out some really important stuff about how I work best. Who knows. I’ll just be happy when Christmas is over and I can start saving some money again… for next Christmas… Uggg…

What are your thoughts on making extra money? What else should I explore as ways to bring in some extra cheddar each month?


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5 Responses

  1. Dawnielle says:

    I’ve just recently started following your blog so I don’t really know your passions, but maybe there’s something you can do on the periphery of it? That way you won’t let yourself forget the real goal and may even learn something that could help you reach that passion-filled career later.

    • Sara Carbaugh says:

      I love that idea Dawnielle. That’s been the plan so far but I am worried that adding in the money situation is going to be a passion killer. Trying to find that happy medium between passion and actually making money is going to be the key.

  2. Aaaah, I don’t have any suggestions for you, but I can relate!

    • Sara Carbaugh says:

      What do you mean you don’t have the keys to all knowledge?! I pegged you wrong I guess… Just kidding! ;) I’m going to try not to force things this month so we’ll see what happens.

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