Christmas Sign

I should just have this sign up year long…

I’m having a hard time getting in the holly jolly mood so far this holiday season. It might be that I’m in the middle of an existential/life crisis.

Who knows. It’s like magnets, no one really knows how they work.*

I just went on Facebook and looked at my posts from last year and I had so much holiday cheer that I probably annoyed just about everyone around me. Fun decorations, crafts, activities and all of it with a big a happy face. This year I feel like I just want to put up a tree and take a nap… It’s not that I feel like I need the stereotypical christmas fun time, I just want to be able to give my little girly a fun holiday season like we did last year.

I didn’t get a picture of the Sparkle dance but her she is all glittery in her Princess Butterfly costume this year!

The other night my daughter came up with the idea that her name was Sparkle and she sang about how sparkly her sparkly dress was and did a little sparkly dance. That girl could make anything fun and cheerful so I just need to siphon some of that cheeriness out and add in into a cocktail for me. I want this holiday season to be like that dance; ridiculous and fun and sparkly!

So what are the plans for this holiday season to get back in the happy sparkly holiday cheer mood? We are calling it Operation Cheery Ho-Ho (which I just realized sounds like a military operation carried out by strippers in Santa hats…) and here are the key components:

Countdown to Christmas Trees

~ Christmas countdown trees – We had a great time making them last year and instead of trying to reinvent the wheel I think we’ll do them again this year.

~ Weekly holiday activities for the girly and me – Because of my homeschooling interest I am a part of a great little Yahoo Group called CATCH which posts fun and sometimes free activities for kids. This time of year I am getting boat loads of holiday happenings emails so the plan is to schedule in a lot of these fun outings this month.

~ Holiday baking – Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies, Frosted Sugar Cookies, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Neiman Marcus Cookies, and any new ones I come across will be on our baking list this year!

~ Glittery Sparkly House craft – My friend introduced me to the idea of creating glitter houses and I think maybe instead of doing a gingerbread house the girly and I will make a Glittery Holiday House instead! Then we can make it a tradition and make a new one each year to add to the collection!

I’m sure I’ll post updates as we work our way through Operation: Cheery Ho-Ho so look for some fun tutorials and recipes this coming month. See, I’m already starting to feel more cheery just thinking about all this holiday togetherness fun! I may have to self medicate with wine to make it happen but I am determined to be a happy elf this year!


*PS: Don’t give me that face and say “Ummm, actually, lots of people know how magnets work.” I am aware of this fact but apparently you and I are wrong and magnets are actually magic because ICP says so. Here’s the video that is NSFW but enjoy feeling better about yourself as you watch it.



(photo credit: via photopin cc)

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