November Passion Update: Promoting does not Equal Writing

Greetings! So I thought I should update on how this month of writing as been going.

Let’s go with: well. It’s going well…

Have I written everyday? No.

Have I written more than I have in the past? Yes!

I’ve also really enjoyed trying to find different ways of promoting and also making some money with my writing. I’ve done some random interwebs searching, joined some fun blog linkups, looked into writing guest posts and being a contributor on websites and blogs and started following and commenting on some fun new blogs!

Here’s some of the resources I’ve discovered in the form of a handy dandy bullet point list:

BlogLovin – This is a fun and nicely designed blog reader that allows you to follow blogs and then “like” posts and comment through the site. If you use BlogLovin you can add Creating Purple Fire by either searching for it or by clicking here to see it’s page and follow new posts!

Yahoo Contributor Network – I signed up for this last week but haven’t pimped out the profile or written anything for them yet. I can see this being really cool but I’m worried about my audience being there to see my stuff (also I have no idea who my audience really is… hehe)

Weekly Writing Prompts from the hilarious Mama’s Losin’ It blog (I kind of want to be her best friend). She has really fun writing prompts and she also has a series of Vlog prompts which I might start doing to get me in the habit of creating video posts!

Blogger Link Up – This is a fun resourse I got from a friend on Facebook. Every week Cathy sends out a list of people who are looking for guest posts along with their specific topics. I haven’t submitted to anyone yet but I can see this being a super cool resources later on down the road.

Better Blogger Network - I found this one through a blog I read and love the feel of the community! I also love that they have a forum thread where you can post your blog posts and see everyone else’s recient posts. It makes it really easy to go in and comment on blogs and hopefully get some new readers for my own blog!

Revolutionize Her – Another fun community of bloggers! I did see where they may be shutting this one down soon though which kind of sucks but at least I’ll still have the BBN to see and comment on blog posts.

i Blog 4 me – I’m still trying to figure out where to add myself on this site but I really like the feel of it. I guess I’m a mom blog but I’d also like to think of it as a humor blog too. Oh the trials and tribulations of being everything and nothing at the same time!

BlogDash – This is one I’m not so sure about yet but I’m giving it a shot. It’s a blogger

I’m still looking for a good, nerdy mom blog linkup though since I think that’s where I really fit in the grand scheme of things. Maybe I need to just create one myself… hmmmmm…

I think I’ve narrowed down my niche to being a funny (to me), passion chasing, nerdy, mommy blogger. I’m not sure if that’s narrowed down enough though… I’d love some input on topics you’d love to see me cover or even a series that would be interesting to you!

How do you define your writing? Have you used any of the resources I listed above or do you have some additional ones that might help me out?



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10 Responses

  1. Lucy says:

    So much fun today. We can sure say we wrote a lot. I will be back.

    • Sara Carbaugh says:

      Ooo true! We all were commenting like crazy people on the chat today! +1 Writing! :) So fun to meet you and thanks so much for commenting! ;) hehe

  2. Hi! We met today at Jamie´s coffee meeting. Love this place! Suscribed at first glance. :)
    That is a whole lot of blog linking info, thanks!. I´ll be going over to some of those places.
    I found early on (I´ve been blogging since 2005) that a lot of guest blogging was got through friends. Now I have the friends I could prove my theory as I´m writing guest posts. :D

    • Sara Carbaugh says:

      Hi Paula! So glad you liked the blog and so glad to have trapped you into a subscription! Muahahaha! ;)

      I totally agree about the guest posting with friends. I think I’ll feel a lot better “pimping myself out” once I have a better idea of how I want to spread myself around! So glad to hear you’ve been blogging for so long and still enjoy it too!! :)

  3. Great meeting you today Sara and thanks for stopping by the mountain mermaid! I’m glad you like my challenge idea – please feel free to make it your own! And I love learning the resources on this post – I’ll have to check them out. How perfectly this goes with the conversation on Creativity Coffee!

    • Sara Carbaugh says:

      I know right?! I was thinking “Jamie is in my head!” the whole time! hehe I hope some of the resources help you out and I will definitely let you know when I decide how to use the “99 idea”! Such cool concept! :)

  4. Dawnielle says:

    Great resources! The weekly writing prompts and I Blog 4 Me are particularly helpful. Thank you for sharing!

    • Sara Carbaugh says:

      Oh good! I’m really loving Kat’s blog prompts so far and she has a randomizer on the signup page if you just want to grab a random one at some point!

  5. Shannon says:

    Wow, that an amazing set or resources! I’m a huge prompt fan, although I rarely use them I love creating them. I think I define writing as …harmph. I’m stumped! I keep thinking ‘anything but reactionary’, but that doesn’t quite seem fair. I’ll have to keep thinking on it!

    I love the Vlog prompt idea too – that’s supercool!

    • Sara Carbaugh says:

      I am really loving the blog prompts too! I think having something to write about is helping me think of all the other stuff I want to write about too! It seems ridiculous but that’s how my weird brain works sometimes… lol

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