So this month hasn’t really gone the way I wanted but I’ve realized a lot of important adulty type things which both suck and are awesome at the same time. I’ve got some updates and some whining and some chocolate so I broke them down into manageable bite sized nuggets for you to enjoy.

Nerdy Crafter Updates

# of projects completed = 1

# of items up on my Etsy store = 0

# of chocolate pieces eaten = …

Ok so as you can see… not really on track to becoming a super successful homemade maker phenom.

I can make excuses about why I think it didn’t go the way I wanted it to go this month but part of me just thinks that it was the wrong time and maybe I’ll try this passion again in the future. OR maybe I just want knitting/crocheting/crafting to be my fun hobby and the idea of adding money pressure just makes me feel icky.

On the good side I did finish a scarf and am on track to finishing a sweater I started last year! I also figured out how to use my sewing machine (only after about 5 years of having it….) so I’m planning on becoming a seamstress and creating beautiful dresses and outfits for my child! Or maybe I’ll just sew some socks together and make a dog toy, the possibilities are endless!

Pattern board? Check.
Fabric? Check.
Scissors? Check.
Talent to make something that doesn’t look like a trash bag? We’re working on it…

Oh yea, look at those sewing skills!

Going Forward to November’s Passion: Writing!

I’m switching things around and making November my Writing month because I feel like writing is super important to me but I never make the time to actually do it. So this month I’m going to work on writing everyday even if it’s just a short “I don’t have time to write so I wrote this.” in my journal. Some sort of writing everyday. I’m going to try and figure out my best writing times and try out some different types of writing, both non-fiction blog posts as well as possibly some short story fiction type things.

I want this to be a fun month but I also want some structure so I am planning on using some writing tools to help me from procrastinating. I downloaded OmmWriter so I’ll try that and see what I think and I also love the site 750Words so I might try to use that as well.  I’m also going to sign up for the NaNoWriMo for November for some added encouragement. Even though I don’t see myself writing a novel this month (even though crazier things have happened…) I think having the community there will be beneficial.

So for all you writers out there, what are your tips for beating procrastination when you want to write everyday? Do you write on the computer or do you prefer to do a journal? Are you doing NaNoWriMo this month?



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