I decided to have a girl’s night since my husband was working a double shift and it was just the girly and me for the night. I dediced to try and do a movie night with something other than a cartoon to see how she would like it. I had wanted to see Mirror, Mirror when it came out so I was excited to find it on Netflix! I was also pleasantly surprised/relieved that this was actually pretty adorable!

Not to give away spoilers but it’s basically the Snow White story with a few artistic differences. The Queen (Julia Roberts) is beautiful but a completely horrible and vain person who has taken over the kingdom. She keeps Snow White (Lily Collins) locked in her room until her 18th birthday. Once Snow turns 18 she finally gets the guts to sneak out into the town.  Now she finally sees that the Queen has been ruining the kingdom by spending all of her money and the townspeople’s money on lavish parties and “treatments” to keep herself beautiful. (There’s a scene where she gets her beauty treatment done and I had to close my eyes because it was super gross!)

There’s a hunky Prince and obviously the seven dwarves, but maybe not the dwarves you would be expecting: Napoleon (my favorite), Half Pint, Grub, Grimm, Wolf, Butcher and Chuckles. They all have fun personalities and help Snow White find herself, fight the Queen and get the guy.


The Queen’s costumes were ridiculous and ginormous and I loved everything about them! I also loved that Snow White was an adorable bad ass. None of this wimpy princess stuff, which is the way I prefer my princess movies.


My daughter wasn’t super thrilled about it but again she’s not too thrilled about live action movies yet. She’s still in the “I want talking animals all day, everyday” phase. She did tell me she liked Snow White though “She’s pretty mommy!” and she thought the Queen was “really mean.” so at least she got the gist of the story.

I would recommend Mirror, Mirror to anyone who wants a whimsical, fairytale romp but maybe not the best choice for a 4 year old yet.

4/5 Red Apples

Pink Lady (apple), April 2012Pink Lady (apple), April 2012Pink Lady (apple), April 2012Pink Lady (apple), April 2012


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