We recently got rid of cable so Aerith and I have been spending a lot of time on Netflix discovering new and awesome shows. One of those shows is Ruby Gloom. Maybe one of my new favorite cartoons ever! Ruby Gloom is the “happiest girl in the world” and she lives in a gothic mansion with some adorably awesome other characters! (My

In one episode Ruby creates a “special one of a kind friend” named Mr. Buns! Here’s a clip:


Since  I love this show and I really love my daughter I decided to womp one up for her using this tutorial I found online. Here are some pics of my process!

I had a black sock that didn’t have a mate so I was like “Score!” I cut off the top of the sock above the heel. Then I folded it over and sewed it down so that couldn’t see the seam.


I cut out the face and the eyes from some felt and used my handy dandy hot glue gun to apply them to the sock.

Then I cut out two ears, arms and legs out of felt and sewed them on. I just free form cut them using the picture as a guide.

 Tada! Meet Mr. Buns! I hope he makes my little girl smile because I’m pretty excited about how awesome he turned out!

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